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My baking class usually runs from 3-4 days only unless i have a client who asks for a longer session "on site" which means i would go over to their commissary/bakery/kitchen and teach them for a minimum of 5 days and up to 10 days.

The hardest part of attending and teaching a short course is that you don't get to teach everything, molding and shaping does not happen in a wink, most of these guys can barely round a dough let alone, shape a baguette and worst, do the braiding like professionals do.

The limited time also means i do not have that much dough to give them, we use dough in real time, what we mix is what we get, i do not use "swap" doughs, i think it is fake and well, even just for the purpose of shaping, the time left for us to do this is still not enough. So each student will get a dough to mold into a baguette, and so on.

I took pictures out of my baking book to show you how to make the simplest braid, i advise students to practice using 3 thick ropes …