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Showing posts from March 15, 2020

Summer Baking 2020

Baking classes are all cancelled this March and April due to the Covid 19 virus sweeping our country, i was thinking of maybe doing the rest of my 3 day class by the end of April if things look good enough to declare that we have also cancelled out the virus itself.

But so far, with the way things are going right now, it's March 16 and i am very sad that this is happening to us. Too late to be blaming anyone, we all just need to focus on keeping ourselves healthier than the usual and make sure we do not go out unless it is absolutely a matter of strict importance, like wala ka ng mailuto or ubos na ung bigas mo na stock, etc., etc...

So we went on with our Day 1 class, Commercial bread making as scheduled last March 9. It was a Monday, and things went perfectly as expected. New fresh batch of ingredients, and new students. It was exciting to meet new people in my craft. Same passion i had when i was starting, but the breads are even better because of the new variations i also lear…