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Baking Cakes and Cake/Cupcake Decorating Class for December

December 1, 4 and 8
2 days baking cakes and cupcakes, then the last day is decorating 1 mini cake and cupcakes using buttercream.
Fee: 9000.00 inclusive of lunch Just bring your containers for the iced cake and cupcakes on the last day

Sifting the dry ingredients first. Set aside.

Double batch of a plain chiffon cake turned into a Mocha Chiffon cake and cupcake.
Mixing all the liquid and egg yolks.

Whipping the egg whites to stiff peaks.

Time to fold the whipped whites into the mixed batter.

Baked at 325 F. 

Malunggay, Malunggay Pandesal

Malunggay is a winner, and this you won't believe. Why do kids love Malunggay Pandesal? I mean, they would take out the onions and tomatoes on top of pizzas, but would ask and gobble up the Malunggay Pandesal.

Seriously. It's mind boggling. My niece and sister love it, my students' kids also love it. Hmmm.

So how do you add the Malunggay in the Pandesal? I have tried every technque but the best one is using the freshly picked leaves, wash and then  mince them. I do not like the puree' version because the dough becomes too green, unless that's what you like. I also tried the powdered malunggay leaves, dried leaves, oven dried, sun dried, etc.,, and they taste like old stale something, smells funky and does not taste like you would go for a second bite.

Freshly minced malunggay leaves is the obvious winner and i usually start with 3 % then go as high at 5%. That's it. Beyond 5%, i find the malunggay flavor too strong but that it just me.

See the flecks of Malungg…