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January photos

I love this January, not because i had quite a few more baking sessions than before. Normally, January is a dead end, people do not have that much money left from the holiday blast but this is an exception. Or maybe, i just happen to be found by interested people who want to learn new skills. The photos will mostly be from my sponge and dough classes and it was fun to play around with the recipes once again. Going back to New York on March 21 :( and i have no idea what NY will offer this time. Nakakasawa na ang layovers, the long back breaking flight, the awful airplane food etc., etc., yUM! With chocolate chips, drunken raisins, almonds etc., a huge hit, camote and malunggay pandesal which i will make for my sister, she is already waiting for it HOney Oatmeal Buns and rolls This time, tons of photos but not that much to say. Too tired. Just finished my cake classes yesterday, and i am going to just watch Inspector Morse on youtube the whole day. ;)Thanks to Yvette and Ch…