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Showing posts from January 31, 2011

West Coast

Being here in the West Coast just makes one think, why in the world did G-d invent the East Coast? For real, living through all that shovelling, treading into thick snow when you need to go somewhere like you have a choice not to and the nose bleeds. After i arrived in LA, the sunny ambience greeted me with a new promise, things here can be promising, so we'll see. My nose stopped bleeding after 2 days, and the best part, proofing does not have to be for two days when i make ensaimada!!!!

Temperature inside the house reaches an average of 68 F which is not bad compared to our kitchen which is at 62F, still need to wear two layers, but no more coats or thick sweaters for a third layer.

January 2011, West Coast. Where i am at right now, large rosemary shrubs 5 feet tall (amazing huh), bay leaves, orange trees ( squeeze them for breakfast). Yup, i am still baking, in my student's house not mine, but i am still baking, which is more than a mere mortal like me can ask for.

I would…