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sweet potato bread

I woke up early this morning, i have to make a whole wheat bread for the weekend sabbath meal, my soup is already in the freezer, i have rice pilaf portioned out etc., But where is the bread?

Kidding me right? I have a 20 quart brand new mixer and my starter is bubbling, had to feed it last night before i went to bed, no choice but to bake today. I had to return the starter bowl 3 times before i decided to finally bake, it rained early this morning and there is a police car parked near the bridge side front of our house.

So i mashed to sweet potatoes, i decided not to use any sugar in the dough, added a piece of egg, and for tenderness, just 1 tablespoon of 0 trans fat crisco shortening. That's all, i am relying hopefully that the starter will provide the flavor and moisture in the dough.

I will not be hurrying the dough, so the new york chill is fine for today, and i am saying just today because for the life of me i have to figure out a way not to buy a proofing cabinet and still h…