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bread improver

Can't find one in retail pack? Why use them? See images below.....

An hour and a half is all it took and i baked this batch of ube cake ring and sweet yeast loaves with cashew filling, one kilogram total. Observe how the dough rose to a great height during proofing, and inside the oven during baking (ovenspring)..

A dough that has no bread improver will rise, will bake and will be edible but will not result in lofty heights and softness such as the breads seen here. Now i do not use the ones will preservatives, choose brands that use natural ingredients, anything with ate at the end of the word is suspicious, or ide etc., No kidding.

*****The cinnamon sticky buns (did not even reach the top of the pan) and the whole grain baguette artisan breads are proof that using no bread improver does create problems if you are a perfectionist. If you like crusty rolls, fine then omit the bread improver, does not matter.