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The Cd vs the Video

I copied and pasted parts of the texts on the CD and DVd on my website to clarify a few things. Apparently there is some confusion over how to call a recipe inside a CD, or a book inside a CD. How do you call it? If i put recipes on HOW TO COOK CHICKEN WITH COCONUT MILK in a CD, meaning burn it on a CD, can i call it a CD ON HOW TO COOK CHICKEN WITH COCONUT MILK? Did not say it was a video, so it means recipes only right? Hmmm. I remember ordering a book once and i was surprised when the book arrived in one small package, i thought it was a stationary pad or something. When i opened it, it was just a CD, not a book. I became more careful especially if you shop at because the books can either be a download version (which happened to me also), a CD or the Hard copy. Yeah, i know some of you had the same experience. This is the reason why i made it clear that the CD on Commercial Breadmaking is the same Commercial Bread making book that i send out for download when you buy …