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Showing posts from July 18, 2012

Hot July in New York

Yesterday was really exhausting despite the fact that you did not do that much kitchen work compared to previous days. You couldn't. You feel sluggish and irritable, the humidity gets to you, you feel sleepy but you know you can't and it really sucks to turn on the oven because it will heat the room 10 times more. Today and the next few days to come will not be any different. You do not want to listen to politics on tv because it will only aggravate you. How's that for a pretty summer? Well, one thing is for sure, if you can sue the weather, i am 100% positive it will be locked up by now. Since you can't do that, you set your mind into something more positive, no, not typing on your computer or laptop because the heat of the machine gets to you as well. (love it during winter though). I think i will just soak my feet on a bucket full of ice for a change, eat chips with salsa (it's healthier than melted cheese), drink plenty of cold water and fruit juice and ramble…