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Toasted Bun

Just like most Filipinos, we too take our Pancit to heart by cooking them as often as possible. It is as close as we can get to being at home, and since we do not have the basic pancit noodles here in New York, we get them from Canada where quite a number of Filipino stores have sprung up over the years. Heck, they can buy bagoong and talong, dilis, tuyo,bangus, Ligo sardines etc., whatever you see in our markets back home, they have it there.

The hotdog bun you see toasted with the Pancit found its way here because i have no idea how this batch turned out to have a different toasting aroma than the ones i do regularly at home in the Philippines. While i was toasting the rolls, i noticed that it smelled buttery and sweet. I went down from my room and asked my mother if she was baking something else, apparently not since she slept over her favorite Pinoy drama, again.

I realized it was my hotdog bun that was giving out this sweet scented almost vanilla wafer like smell, i don't kn…