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Showing posts from June 20, 2007

my webpage

i am transferring some of the blogs that i have written here in my webpage, for more visibility. i finally decided to open my class again, didn't do much at all this past few months and i think i lost some weight thinking what to do. i have a renewed energy this time. just 3 weeks ago, i bought a new computer so i can rearrange my files, do some more webnetworking and get a life. the old laptop i am using sucks, it is so hard to use something that gives up on you just like what i do to this world. there can't be two of us!!!! i am a bit daunted by the fact that gosh, here i am again, teaching? oooh, pain and pain and more pain. is it worth it? like hell yeah, whatever, although i can't take advil the way i do before, my liver took a toll doing just that, i will try to limit the load and let the students do most of them. geeesh, like that happens. anyway, i will be going to megamall and have my class advertised hopefully start the class 3…