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water in the dough

some baking students regard water in breadmaking as the most unimportant ingredient of all. just because you don't pay for it that much the way you shell out for a tub of butter or a couple of eggs shouldn't diminish the importance of water, which in my view is how most students in breadmaking do. when i was just starting to learn how to make bread, this was how i got the beating. by underestimating the role of water. in cakes and cookies, water or liquid should be very, very exact, no more no less. in breadmaking, the water content is variable. meaning, it could go as high as 65% today, and only 55% the next day. this is why, a breamaking student needs the aid of science to fully understand why and how come? when i try to explain these things to my students, i get many blank faces, whooo, like you have to repeat it over and over, and hope that the next time you see each other he or she has some idea of what you are talking about. i mean, i understand why it is hard, the many …