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I was watching Andrew Zimmern's episode on Italy, i don't remember the city anymore, the names are confusing to me but knowing Andrew, it must have been a foodie's paradise. His guide brought him to this gelato shop where he got to taste their best gelato served in a bun, and he mentioned the country Philippines as to the only nation other than Italy to serve ice cream in a bun. Fantastic! When you watch a foreign show such as this one, and your country is mentioned, that is heart warming.

Then i get to remember that when we were brought to my grandmother's native Baler (yes, Manuel L. Quezon's)your friendly Mamang Sorbetero (ice cream vendor) will ask you which one you like, the apa (cone) or the soft bun. My brother is fond of eating his ice cream in a bun, but it gave me brain freeze so i never liked it. I tried it several times, it was very good especially in those days when the ice cream they sell was really top notch creamy, not the kind they sell in the city…