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Breads Like It Warm

Proofing is very tricky if you do not have a proofing cabinet with a built in thermostat. Do you need one? Not really. A proofing cabinet eliminates guesswork, but it is very expensive so you rely on your experience. Proof more and you get really large, open grain, fluffy breads (mahangin). Proof less and you get the dense (siksik) type. If you are a beginner, do not pull your hair if you cannot get it right the first time, 2nd or even your 4th try.

Bread making is all about timing. Babantayan mo, you will use a timer, you will make sure that you do not forget there is a dough proofing in a cabinet somewhere in your kitchen. Pag naging kulubot the first time, then try not doing it again, reduce the yeast especially if it is summer when the heat spikes up around noon time making your dough rise fast.

With free form breads, a little wrinkle on top may not matter if you are having the breads for yourself, it is a different case if you are already selling. A head ache if you are baking Ta…