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Showing posts from December 8, 2015

Mongo Obsessed

So I got seriously obsessed with these red mongo breads lately. Believe it or not, the filling was plain boiled and pureed red mongo beans and brown sugar but Michelle, one of my November students cant help but snack on the palaman.So I showed to fill a braid or plait with mongo and when it was done, I sliced it up and saved it for my nocturnal snacking. Yeah. I am old in wake up early everyday. No exception.Anyway, I don't know what got to me but I ate a quarter of the loaf  (got to save some for my ate). You see, I make it a point to share to my dear sister anything great that I tasted or created from my kitchen. If it was just so and so, I don't bother sending them to her. And so 3 days before I left for New York (she won't stay quiet mind you if she liked something ) she dropped by my kitchen for a 4 batch 20 some piece  pound cake baking, that she asked me "ano yong binigay mo na tinapay na may palaman"? I said that's Mongo and you are lucky I s…