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my mixer

finally, my mixer is arriving this thursday. i chose the cheapest possible i could find, only $1150.00 from Uniworld, it is 20 quarts, after so much tug of mind, i did not cave in to the idea of getting a smaller model. i used a 10 quart planetary mixer back home for 12 years, i know what the feeling is when you need to mix a larger batch and your mixer cannot take it. i bought my Hoqurt model, funny right, sounds like Hobart you got it. so the supplier told me never to load it beyond 1000 grams, that is 1 kilogram, so i did. one of my students who wanted the same model bought one and after just a month or so had problems with grease leaking down the mixer where the dough hook attachment is placed. i asked her why, and found out that she puts on 1.2 kilogram batch after batch, something the supplier specifically warned us not to.

lessons learned. i want a bigger model this time, at 280 lbs. our biggest concern is how to bring it inside the house. grabe pala dito. they will only deliver…