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Oatmeal Pandesal

When you're at that stage when you're doctor tells you to cut on white bread and start whole grain,  you know you are old. Yup. And so for the past few years I have been supplying my sister with all sorts of breads with this and that. Meaning I add just about anything that can put a new skin on my breads so I can call it healthy er and whole grain. Luckily for us who knows how to do it, I admit my early years have produced failures such as theb awful spinach bread that only me and my helper ate and the slimy flax bread that told me too much of the good stuff is also bad.Now this Pandesal has oatmeal, atta flour or fine whole wheat and potatoes. I used m6 KitchenAid because I want to make smaller batches. The whole baking bread is my one routine I want to do on a weekly basis so a large batch was never an option. Once again, I start with a refreshed starter and then slow rise the dough for about 12 to as much as 24 hrs depending in the crumb I want. Longer rise if i want larger…