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October Class

I am just checking the calendar, pretty soon i will be posting the schedule :)(that excited huh:) for my October class which will run up until the time i finish my annual medical check ups. You know how these hospital labs work, sometimes the digitized mammogram unit is under repair, the female technician is only available on a Wednesday, then you show up on a Wednesday and she is not there so you go back another week etc.,etc., I will stay maybe up until March, hopefully get all the lab work done for my peace of mind. You cannot afford to get sick here in the US if you have no insurance, my mother paid 500 bucks for a checkup, and another 500 for a blood sugar test, all done in 20 minutes. Whew! este whe! I trust my doctor, been with her since 2004 and i am going back to her, never mind the expense of paying the ticket, and the horrible backlash of the pain in the you know where after sitting for hours. I would rather not go through another airplane ride, especially on long flights s…