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Showing posts from October 23, 2016

Teaching In New York

My first order of business for this next vacation is to teach my nephew how to bake. He has come of age, finished high school with no failing marks (although he has gained a lot of weight all this time) and so i said, this is the perfect time to teach him all the basics while he stews at home.

No rush to find work yet, although in the past i would ask him to help me bake, i think his mind was a little off somewhere, to his League of Legends game and podcasts. This time, i can see it in his eyes. He wants to learn indeed.

I told him right off the bat. The money is in food. Especially breads. Never mind if you don't perfect your cakes, i prefer that you master and start honing your skills in baking the best bread ever. Last year, i taught him how to bake a carrot cake, scaled down to the diabetic level, my term for reducing the sweetness down to a level where it's not too cloyingly sweet but not too bland it tastes like hospital food.

So he gets that, and really loves making the…