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Baking Images

Another batch from my baking class. Although i teach the same basic breads and variations, sometimes it would be the variations that would inspire another variation. A whole wheat pandesal with malunggay, which i had blogged about 4 years ago? and now has sprung up everywhere?

For those living in the province, i know it is a huge sacrifice to come here to Manila especially in Fairview, but judging from what i hear lately, i deeply encourage you to take the risks and make a bit of a sacrifice which i did too when i started. Just the other day, i went to my sister's house to teach her and her helpers how to make cupcakes and icing, then basic decorating and we sort of reminisced how she took me to Maya Culinary Arts in Paseo (is it still there?) way back when i don't know when, i think i was only 18, my first year of college, around summer time. It was a disaster, i did not know anything about pre heating, about the oven thermometer, about creaming, none of the things i saw and …