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Sourdough starter

I showed Lesley how to make a Sourdough starter yesterday and I cannot believe how bubbly the starter is as shown on the photos below.We did not use any yeast at all.  Just 1 cup bread flour and 1 cup tap water. I used a glass jar then whipped the batter using the butt end of a wooden spatula. I read somewhere that you should not use stainless steel so...I covered  it with cling wrap and then secured the top with a rubber band. After Lesley and sisters left, I placed the jar inside my room up fronting the window. I know they should be in a warm place but the weather isn't exactly cold so the window is a perfect place.This morning as usual, my routine after an all day hands on class is to   head on to the coffee machine so since the jar was near the coffeemaker,  I glanced on the starter. Not really on purpose since the last starter I made from June's group hands on class was just so and so. Normally, the bubbles appear after 2 days, so I was surprised to see the froth on top. …