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Showing posts from January 9, 2012

Baking and Decorating Schedule

January schedule for Commercial Bread making is moved to 20 23 25
February is on 1 3 and 5 still. I am adding a cupcake class with decorating on January 22 29 and 31, only to give in to requests (i just hope they really mean it, because most often they don't)

Please, please bring your containers, a large 3-4 inch height rectangle or square any size, just not one of those mini tiny disposable plastic for left over foods. You are bringing breads you baked, you share them, you eat them while you go home tired and you take pictures of them. I don't understand some students who arrive without one even if they drive in cars, pretty easy to put them at the back of the seat, after all the promise of sharing your breads with your loved ones seems to me an irresistible proposition. ???

Christmas red Roses made with Royal Icing ( Day 2), the icing is old but i still managed to salvage this one, just not good to eat anymore.

Purple Buttercream (Italian Merengue)Day 1

The 260 something cu…