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Baking Class

Schedule is now posted at and reservations still open for the October session. Below are just some of the photos i took during one of my baking sessions, and since i see the Cinnamon rolls and Baguettes, i know that this is our second day of the 3 day lesson. Each student shapes the baguettes, i admit, pag medyo tagilid or palpak ang shape, inuulit ko kahit na nag sample na ako ng isa o dalawa. I do this so the students get to bring home a decent looking French bread. When the Cinnamon Roll day is on, i always have the same recurring comments from the students, ie; that it is not one of their favorite breads to eat, they are not fond of the scent of cinnamon, it is too sweet so they don't eat it, etc., etc., Pero, pag naluto na yung tinapay, at nag slice ako ng isa for them to taste, they all have one thing to say, iuuwi ko na lang yung share ko. What's funnier and most expected (because it happens every month) is the DAY AFTER, the cinnamon roll…