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Bakery Fair 2013 and Election Fever

So i went there yesterday, not really knowing whether my friend and former student from Los Angeles would be there. I was saying, what the heck i already planned this months before so despite the sore arms from the cookies and brioche i made a day before, i left for the Bakery Fair. Smooth ride, unexpectedly so i got there around an hour and a half. Not bad. Saw my friend but we both got lost inside because i was stuck at the registration counter. For a good hour and so so. Imagine the system this people have. 6-7 lines. I was at the walk in farthest line. You go there if you do not have the confirmation email from the online registration, which i filled up twice, once at Fox Mozilla and over at Google Chrome, but none came in. So we were all wondering, how come we were not moving at all? Yun pala, those at the other side or lines would submit their forms in groups, so those who are in the walk in sections would have their papers or forms placed under. Pinatungan ng pinatungan, all…