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Magic Sarap on Pandesal?

You see every month, meaning months where i have a baking class, you get all sorts. Stories upon stories, and i feel lucky when there is someone who already has a bakery and has a story to tell. Most of them do. Some tell on the first day, others on the last day as if trying to see whether anyone would be interested, or baka naman nahihiya lang mag kuwento. I love it when they do tell and tell a lot. Sometimes, it depends on the person. We come in different shapes and backgrounds, some are timid and shy, others are really cheery and talkative. I prefer the latter because you won't get anything from the first one. None at all. Believe me, i had sessions where it feels like cemetery creepy eery, the students barely talking to each other and the only resounding voice you hear is me, me and me. I feel almost like a broken record because i would talk non stop, from the time they arrive until they go out of the gate. Of course this is rare, but you do get them. Anyway, last month i …