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Pandesal Crumb Texture

Filipinos who eat Pandesal are divided into two groups.  The ones who want their Pandesal "siksik" or dense and the ones who prefer theirs light and fluffy or "maalsa".  The dense type have less proofing so only you, the baker can create this. It will depend on the formula, humidity, temperature of both the dough and the proofing area and also whether your yeast is old or fresh off the store..   And so there goes the difficulty of running into problems of when to bake them. It is hard indeed unless your proof box is equipped with a thermostat, set it at a desired temperature, time and set the alarm.  Because of this, the baked breads are not the same for beginners. The only thing I can advise any aspiring baker is to just keep on practicing and record the proofing time and temperature in your kitchen and LOOK AT THE CRUMB STRUCTURE all the time, meaning evwrytume ypu bake to know if you're getting there. If at first the bread is too dense, add more proof time.
 If t…