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Pinoy Pandesal and How to...

So i got an email from a friend. ... who asked me if i could help out with her baker, and just to make the conversation short, it is basically to critique their Pandesal and how to improve it sort of ish.

I agreed, what is one day right? So i asked her baker to show up at one of our sessions, i already had something in my mind on what to make him do, and also asked her to make him bring samples of their Pandesal.

So he showed up. Young fellow, very thin and well, not to be too blunt, and i do not know him from Adam so i cannot tell much about his character and so forth and so on. I think he is a decent baker, able to probably produce breads and pastries like he said he does. I asked for the Pandesal, i asked the usual questions, what's wrong with it, what is the formula etc., etc., etc.,

Now, i did not discuss this with my friend, not yet... because i doubt if she would understand me. Teaching breads in one day just don't cut it. But since i have no more time to teach this guy…

Cakes and Cupcakes For Beginners

Baking cupcakes, muffins and then on to the bigger world of Chiffon Cakes and Sponge Cakes is every girl's dream. I would say most and not all because i have 2 sisters and both do not bake at all. Both would love to cook but i guess their careers come first so the cooking and baking part did not materialize.

For me, the picture of this lavish party food spread on Gulliver while he was tied up in Lilliput started it all. I can still remember the photo of the layered cake with pink icing and a red cherry on top, a huge roasted turkey or maybe chicken ( i was only 5 years old then) and lots of other goodies all on one page. It made me dream of a party like that. Made me think that someday i would create that pink and colorful cake one day. And so i did.

Do not ask what my favorite book then. Indeed, it is Gulliver's Travel, and i fell this sadness when Ondoy came and was not able to find my book again. If it weren't for this photo stuck in my brain, i never would have known…