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April 2013

I am currently sitting on my bed, watching the news at 3:27 pm so i can get a first hand look on the capture of this stupid Chechen bomber. I am annoyed to see his Aunt, screaming like hell asking for proof. Hmm. You think the FBI will be paranoid to pin it on two backpackers just like that. In broken English, she was demanding proof, "it's just a picture with a circle, where is the proof, i am a lawyer, i am used to people accusing of etc., etc.,. Dear oh dear. I get why her nephews bombed the marathon. Anyway, they are going to get him for sure. Working on making videos on baking cakes and cupcakes with my cake deco basics 1, 2 and 3. I will be able to finish by the end of the year perhaps, lots of editing and re-shooting to be made but i am loving it all. Look at those flowers! 1 tip and 4 kinds of drop flowers. I swear a restful sleep once you learn how to do these flowers yourself. I might be able to release the Royal Icing and Buttercream early next year if no…