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So now that i am here in the Big apple, in between munches and a side stir of the puttanesca, i manage to bake here and there. Folks, i am buying my mixer, i left behind my trusted friend back home, and the prices are giving me vertigo believe me. Searching the best deal is the hardest, the price is second to the quality and in my case, i prefer that this time i get a mixer that can mix more than 1 kilogram per batch. Imagine my horror when i bought my mixer in 1998. Like most beginners, i did not know anything about the load, the horsepower, the minimum and the maximum flour and dough capacities of these mixers, gear versus belt drive etc., Now that i managed somehow to keep the mixer going for almost 12 years, i hope the one i am buying, please Lord at a price of $1600.00 is better. It is bigger, 20 quarts and has a safety guard.

Choosing what kind of mixer gave me a headache, i bake cakes and cookies so i had no choice but to give in to my culinary calling, planetary it was, not spi…