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Pandesal in a Jiffy

This was the batch of 1.5 kilograms of Pandesal i mixed in a a flurry,( still Spring during this time) when my brother and sister in law visited from Canada. They had with them 4 relatives of my sister in law from Europe. Europe? I asked myself, what can i serve them? Has to be something they miss from way back home. Answer. Pandesal. What else?

So day before i made 1 kilogram first. Woke up the morning after, they were all gone, meaning both the Pandesal and the guests, off to Manhattan for a tour of the city and i guess the Pandesal for snacks.

This is the proofed dough, good thing i brought with me some baking sheets, my "plancha" from my baking class, so i can actually make up to 6 kilograms right here in my mother's kitchen.
NO problem at all.

I used a sponge so the dough was really getting quite a height in this photo.


This is the baking size, now inside the oven. Again, i am using an old American size Hotpoint oven, a brand i have never seen or heard before.…