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Anyone having a grand time steaming siopao, mine went well except that i have no idea why the tops are shiny and proofing for 3 hours still created a dense dumpling. My siopao back home is very good, light and fluffy but it has always been a hit and miss. There are days when some of the buns would have wrinkles on top, other days perfect. I have not figured out what is ruining the buns, i tried putting the buns in running boiling water, steaming them before the water boils and both gave good results, but then, a fluke batch would come out just out of nowhere... I am thinking about the proofing time, which is so out there, i used many 30, 45, and hour or so, i thought that if i overproof the dough, the buns would shrink, but i once steamed two buns i left out in the proofing room for like an extra hour and they did not shrink, so i am ruling out the proofing time. What then causes the shrinkage and the pockmarks, like mushrooms, they spring at will.