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One on One

My 1 on 1 sessions are in full swing. One of students from the group class will be bringing his baker and sister in law for a series of more breads and cakes with decorating starting tomorrow.His sister in law and her cake baker had a 3 day cake class with me 3 weeks ago and it was fun. I learned something from them that I would never have known from someone else since their family owned the bakery for 30 years now.It's one of those stories where the family had a certain type of business and the 3rd or 2nd generation only shows interest when the parents pass away. This is one of those. " how I wish I learned from my father". Talking to her about breads (even though we were doing cakes) makes me want to shift to teaching her breads instead of cakes and so I suggested that maybe she should take some bread lessons as well since she was very much interested with the subject and.....from what I've been hearing at that point,  something is missing and something needs to be…