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Showing posts from July 12, 2010
You are seeing Active dry yeast packets that are sold here in the U.S. in most grocery stores. Nothing wrong with it, it is Active Dry so if you bake breads you know that this one needs to be bloomed in warm water or plain tap water with a pinch of sugar. Problem is, since i have for the past ten years been using Instant Yeast such as SAF back home, i let myself slip just a couple of times and forgot to proof this one. Big mistake ever!!!!

So normally you take the yeast out of the packet and you place it in a measuring glass, add water and mix. I forgot the most important ingredient in baking, something you and I should always carry with us when we bake. Nah, not sugar. You have an option to add sugar if you want to check if the yeast is alive, remember? Definitely not salt! (read more about the function and handling of ingredients in my ebook)So what is it then?

Patience! Not waiting to allow the yeast granules to fully get soaked in the water, get well hydrated and all is an anomal…