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Pandesal Formula

Altering a bread's formula has consequences. To maintain the bread's softness, there are so many ways to do it, not just dosing it up with fats, sugar, eggyolks, etc., These days, meaning, the healthy track most people are treading or at least trying to, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash etc.. can be used.

They will have differing results, depending on the percentage you use, you need to consider the cost and availability of the product you will use. In New York where 0 trans fat is the rule of the game, baked products became more expensive and yet, bakers swear by the trans fat. I for one have experienced this, because 0 trans fat margarines and shortenings just have too much water in them. High ratio fats still have the edge when it comes to extending moisture and shelf life, palatability to baked goods and even the volume. However, trans fat is not healthy. That is a fact. What can you do?

In my class, yes we use trans fat. There is i think no way 0 trans fat will be a manda…