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Showing posts from January 29, 2012

Pizza Pizza Pizza

The boys had fun yesterday baking pizza, and i had a blast too. Problem is, Carlo the oldest of my nephew (19 yrs old) is nursing a cough and a horrible cold (just to make it all the more perfect). Being a cancer survivor, just one sneeze even 2 meters away, as long as you are in my line of sight, mahahawa ako. 100% affirmative. When my niece who is 3 years old goes inside my room for a quick chat(meaning mangungulit lang), i will be coughing the whole night and the succeeding days thereafter.

The toppings were simple, you know kids, they hate stuff they do not know especially when the spelling does not compute. Carlo helped me with the mixing, he weighed everything and i greased the pans. I just think now that he is a lot older, he is more into it, or maybe it was his stomach making him oblige.?? When Angelica got wind of what we were doing outside, the caffeine in my coffee kicked in. She was the trigger. The quiet storm. And, just to make her stop bugging us, because she will rep…