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Soft Buns, Hamburger and Hotdog, Pan de Lito Bonete etc.,

Soft buns are one of the best sellers when you have a bakery. I remember this bun or bread used way back when i was a child as a container for dirty ice cream in Baler. The soft bun is perfect for burgers and ham/cheese, tuna salad, chicken salad, and many other sweet and savory fillings.
The best thing about the bun is that it is soft and neutral. It is not sweet, but not too plain like a baguette. Getting the right proof is crucial. The photo below is from a bun brought by a special class student of mine, and this is what it looks like when opened. The crumb structure inside is too open (meaning it is overproofed) that's why there are holes inside. It could also mean that the dough was not shaped properly but judging from the open crumb structure, i say this has gone through more proofing.

My student bought this from a neighborhood bakery, notice how huge the bun is, but when there are holes inside when you open it.
These are the buns we make in class. The same dough is used to…