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Different Pandesal Recipe You Say?

So the last batch of dough I made from 2 weeks back was turned into Pandesal as promised. Only about 20 large pieces though, I just winged it since I was so tired from all the cooking and cleaning.  That is life in the US, you want to eat home cooked meals? Better prepare to do the clean up as well.As usual, I gave my brother some and when he went down from his room, he asked me why this Pandesal was different from all the other Pandesal I have made from the past 5 years that I have been here.Well, I said other than the fact that I used 4 egg yolks,  and a sponge, i also used 3rd class in the formula. Not to mention that this dough was retarded (not in a derogatory way), meaning I delayed the process of fermentation by storing it in a cool area.I kinda agree it was superior to the rest of the Pandesal I have made so I plan to introduce this to my upcoming lessons. Exciting. That's what bread making is all about,there is always something new to learn every time you bake.I just love…