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Showing posts from March 6, 2012

The Last of the Monay

I am going to miss this bread and hopefully since i managed to bring in two kilograms of 3rd class flour, i can make a couple of batches this Summer. I want to bang my head on the wall for leaving out the bread flour, my brother's box was over weight and it seemed to have been not much of a big deal to Cathay, so darn lucky. I hate thinking about it, i left at least 10 kilograms of Wellington from my last bread making class, i am pretty sure no one will dare use it.

I am back, my sniffling nose is gone, cough almost dried out although i still wake up in the middle of the night coughing, but it isn't as worst as before some two weeks ago. We went out to shop for groceries and met a Pinoy who stopped us while walking from TJ Maxx to Walmart and asked "excuse me, mga Pinoy kayo?".

Turns out, Jeffrey is from Florida, just moved in last week and is having a hard time adjusting. We all do.

Anyway, I have my bleached All Purpose so i can make my Mother and sister white Si…