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Baking Lessons and Oven Troubleshooting

For those who are asking if the images of the breads posted in my website are included in the baking sessions, yes they are. The 3 day class will be limited to as much as 18 variations only, around 5-6 kinds of breads a day, but the 6 day full session which some take (one on one or special class) pretty much covers all of the breads featured in the EBook,  from No Time Dough, Sponge and Dough, Modified No Time Dough and Straight Dough.

Most of the images are taken from my hands on baking sessions, you will be amazed at how uniform and precise the finished breads are because the students weigh each of the portions and i make them repeat each if the shaping is not neatly done. I remember one student asking me if i am a sort of a witch because i can tell if one gram is off. I do not know how i can do that, i just know if one piece of roll lacks one gram or if it has more than a gram. Seriously, that is creepy, but it's part of the deal. If you have been baking breads for as long as i…