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From Teacher Carol(Philippines)

Attached are notes to my first pandesal made a week after receipt of your EBook; I can't thank you enough for such valuable contribution you always share in the world of breadmaking; such craft is really something to thank God for. Please see my attachment. Thanks
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10 June 2010

Sher Villafranca

Penuche Pastries

Dear Sher,

Hi, I’m one of those who have been blessed by having your EBook for our missions. I must tell you I was so elated at having the book but must control myself to start in haste so that I might be able to study the contents first before starting.

My first baked pandesal was a success (at least for me as a starting breadmaker)! At last I was able to make one or did bake one! The following were the ingredients and procedures I had. Please help me out in some of the concerns I need answers to. Though I am not in your tutorial may I request that you critique the bread I did bake (minus the vid…