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Whole Wheat Spanish Bread

I would love for you guys to view some clips of this Kitchen Aid mixing version, small batch but comes out the same way. I was in the mood for a Whole Wheat version (of course i didn't tell the boys) of Spanish Bread. Nephew coming from Canada and this is the only bread he likes to nibble on.

Now because it is Kitchen Aid, you know you cannot overtax the motor. I mixed the dough for a good 10 minutes and covered it until the motor cooled down.

Finish mixing for about 3 more 7 minute runs.
After mixing, divide the dough into logs, cut into 30 gram portions.
Flatten them out after rounding and relax them before filling.

Put the filling, (cake crumbs, sugar and butter)and roll, sealing the edges tightly. If you are like me who end up with a lot of cake trimmings, you know Spanish Bread is the next best thing. No wastage!

Roll in breadcrumbs,and place the rolls seal side down on greased or lined baking sheets.

I used the oven, with the pilot light on as a proofer. Since it is a warm …