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Showing posts from March 23, 2012

Goodbye Winter!

My only solution to a chilly room, low protein bread flour, and every nasty thing that could happen to make your bread a failure, is THE GOOD OLE SPONGE. Since i left my bread flour ( i use Emperor and Wellington) in my kitchen/baking school, an overnight sponge is a must. I have been baking with one, but in Manila, if i forget to make an overnight sponge, any number will do. 4 hours, 5 or 6, as long as the sponge went through some fermentation cycle. Great results.

So while enduring the last of the winter chills, i had to make some breads or i will die of boredom and this one right here is a kilogram batch of Spanish breads for my sister. It took some 8 hours to proof them, still not happy with the size but she was leaving in a few minutes so i had to bake them right away.

The recipe is your basic Pan de sal dough, filling is a bit special because i added some yolks into it, something my students find exceptionally good even without the yolks.

Word of Advice: Make a sponge, make a s…