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2 Day Ensaimada

Due to the cold weather, any butter higher than 25 %, eggyolks higher than 15% and sugar at the same level will not do well in our kitchen. Meaning, it will be quite sluggish. I had to cover the mixer first during resting time, i prepared a sponge the night before, but it still was not enough.

After i mixed the dough, i soon realized that the dough was just way too cold and it will not rise. I added more yeast, of course computing the sugar and the flour again, small amounts just to add to the first batch. Good thing the dough was not fully done mixing, or else i will be in trouble.

After adding more yeast, (must have added about 4%), i covered the dough

using a large plastic. I left it like this for 15 minutes, then remixed it again.

I took out the dough hook, covered the bowl with two layers of plastic, then three large kitchen towels to seal the bowl tight.

I placed the bowl in our pantry which is 10-12 degrees cold and left it there overnight. Day 1 is over. I started at 9 am, it …