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Showing posts from May 29, 2015

One Glorious Dough

Posting photos of last week's breads made from a large 2 kg base dough. Just absolutely loved it. I am saying loved but I still have some dough left that I pulled out of the freezer this early morning. I plan to make Pandesal just to make things simple after all the sugary stuff we dished out last week. This dough was frozen and I am satisfied with the turn out. Photo set shows doughnuts, filled and plain, cinnamon rolls (had to do 3 times), the pretzels and fruit and nut which I made for me.This is what I want my students to learn. Make 1 perfect dough and create variations. As many as your mind can stretch it. No limit.Got to stop,  I think the dough has thawed enough. Enrollment still ongoing for June to November 2015. Hands on class where you will  definitely learn how to do the same.Adios. Have a great weekend.♡

Trans fat and 0 trans fat

I am currently using up much of the Parkway 0 cholesterol/trans fat made with non fat milk (to my surprise)and so far the breads were quite nice for a change.I told myself or been telling myself for years now that I am bringing someof these stuff with me but can't seem to find the space somehow. Hopefully, this time I will. I want to at least use this for ourpersonal goodie and that means our sweet cravings, cookies and muffins  we regularlybake for ourselves. I am testing recipes for my sister's coffee shop so there will be lots of baking this coming next month's. Instead of the  baker's fresh or dairy creme we normally pick up from the grocery, which are all saturated fat, this will lessen the guilt. Somehow. Gosh, what guilt? What about the sugar? Crazy.The idea that somehow you are trying your best to make something that is wholly bad for you at your age just a tad bit wholesome like adding some whole wheat, using coco sugar, 0 trans fat is okay as long as you don&…