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Breads, Breads

Group class, divvying up the dough and other stages of bread making.. I tell them what to do and the students work on them.

They made regular size and mini Cinnamon Rolls.

Letting the Hard Monay proof just a tad bit.

I have to say, this is the simplest dough i have in the lesson but quite so many students love this plain Tasty Loaf Bread.

The September Girls

Putok or Hard Monay

Ciabatta or Flatbread, dough taken from the French Bread. This is what i use to make sandwiches or Paninis.

Just showing you the Siopao after steaming. I was thinking, pwede kaya akong magdala ng All Purpose flour sa New York? Ang itim ng all purpose flour sa US. Only for my baking lessons, and for the Siopaos, other than that, i am fine with the regular APF there. Just thinking. Hindi kaya ako madeport? What about the dough conditioners or softeners? They are pure white like cocaine or heroin? Can i bring this? Anyone?

More September Baking Photos

Here are some of the photos taken from my baking class this September, i will try to put them out here as soon as possible while i nurse my aching feet from standing for long hours during sessions. Ouch! Anyway, i think i forgot to tell you about the visit i had from a friend of a former student way back 3 years ago, i think.

So this lady, (if you read this, please visit me again and hopefully you make it to my class as well), and i talked about her short stint taking a class somewhere in Fairview and was totally taken aback because there was no food costing in the lesson. If the class is about bakery business, there must be right?

Anyway, it was a very interesting conversation on a quiet afternoon while i was preparing for Doris' private class, much of which centered on her baking snafus, trying out one formula after another hoping to perfect her Pandesal until she finally just had it, bought my ebook and polished her breads at least.

She still wanted to attend my baking classe…