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Showing posts from November 9, 2011

My Cupcake Class

Getting inquiries on cupcake and decorating lessons so maybe it is worth opening a class or two, squeeze it in between my regular baking classes before i leave for New York on February. If you ask me, i would rather work here forever, winter in the Northeast is punishing especially to someone like me who has a weak bone due to my radiation therapy. I can actually feel the cold burrowing through my bones when we go out, then you step in the mall and it is warm like a proofing cabinet.

Below are the cupcakes done by my students ( Day 1), which will later on be covered and decorated with Italian Merengue Buttercream, that super yummy icing perfect for everything even Ensaimadas and Macarons. You just need to learn the basic creaming and mixing and you are done. I can actually load my 5 quart Kitchen Aid with 3 batches of my favorite butter cupcake recipe, lots of time covered there in a whirl so i love it.

My only beef with the new Kitchen Aid Professional Series is the switch setting kn…