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Problems With My Oven

My oven is like the furnace from hell. When i bought my first commercial oven, the 4-sheeter deck style type, it took me about 1 month to figure out how to operate it. Quite a cinch considering it was my first time to ever see such oven. The La Germania i bought along side this one was relegated to one batch cake baking and eventually made peace with his maker, meaning, it choked unprovoked and so i stopped using it. Not this deck oven. I became fond of it, 15 minutes and i have 100 pieces of pandesal. What more can you ask for?

We all read somewhere that we need 1 hour to preheat our ovens before we bake our cakes. Not this one. I preheat it for 25 minutes and bake batch after batch of cookies and cakes, bread pans after bread pans. So reliable considering it only cost me P6700.00 (1998). Nowadays, you can get this oven for P12,000-P13,000, or more depending on the finishing, some are burnished steel, others are plain steel just like mine.

I am confident about my skill as an oven tro…

Making Your Own Tofu

Amazing, i never thought it would be this easy, except for the occasional wringing of the cheesecloth, (just pretend your mad at someone while you're at it), making your own tofu is cheaper and satisfying. Just like baking breads, it takes time but the results outweigh the mess and all the hoopla. I thought i would not like it, it took me a whole day to make my first, but now that i am on my 4th tofu-making session, i am getting the hang of it.

 How to's:

First make sure you have the curdling salts, i use Nigari which i order from Sanlinx,
for $14.98 (1 lb plus shipping and handling). You can also use epsom salt which i heard is cheaper, i have to try this one. I read somewhere that using Nigari will also leave an aftertaste, bitter etc., but i did not have such problems. I make 500 grams per batch of dry soybeans and use about 2 tablespoons of nigari to make my version of semi-hard tofu. I do not like the soft type since i eat tofu pan fried, with sauces, in …