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October class 2014

Thank you to the girls who  made it to my class, your appreciation for the breads you all made is enough to inspire me to find ways to make the whole experience more engaging. My class used to have only 1 kneading exercise, but i decided to take it one notch further by adding another kneading exercise to the 4 day lesson and i am amazed at the outcome.

During the 3rd day class, students brought doughs that they kneaded at home using the sponge and dough method. The exercise reinforce the whole idea of gluten development and dough consistency among the many others. Can you imagine a novice baker, someone who has never baked nor touched a dough before turning up really nice, soft dinner rolls in your third day of class? I am overjoyed while my students, all 10 girls (what a treat), showed up with the properly kneaded dough, shaped it into a log, and cut them into dinner rolls.

I knew that if it was me, i would have gone through the roof and jump with joy. After all, when someone asks me…