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Showing posts from February 27, 2012

New Site

Something terrible happened, because i was busy with my flight back to New York, in between schedules of baking lessons and cake decorating, my site which is up for renewal bogged down.

So i paid the other day what was required, but site was still unavailable. I don't know if Yolasite wants me to pay for the whole year because i only paid the monthly fee. If their service was the best there is, my site should be up and running right?

So, even if i am down with a flu right now, i went back to my old WEEBLY SITE, PLEASE BEAR WITH ME AS I TRY TO MAKE IT LOOK AS NEAT AS MY YOLASITE.

here is the link for those who want to see it, http::/, maybe this will open new possibilities, i am kinda bored with yola's features anyway, so i will give it a try. Please forgive me as i try to scour my image files so i can post the beautiful images you all love to see.

thank you