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Pandesal Bun

Any type of dough can turn into a Pandesal bun, so here it is. To make it flatter, i made sure there is extra water in the dough, and the breadcrumbs is homemade. If you ask me, i like Marby's breadcrumbs sold at Rustan's. To make sure it will hold up during proofing, because i am adding some veggies in the dough mix, i made an overnight sponge. Just take part of the flour, add some water and a pinch of yeast and mix them all together in a bowl, cover and ferment. If you decide to use some ancient grains in your yeast dough baking, the sponge is important. Proofing, using the oven light. Fini! I used brown sugar so the crust is a bit darker than your typical bun and i also used a glaze. Incidentally i am looking into coming back around October, possibly resuming classes end of the month. I will post the schedule "aussitot que possible", as soon as possible once i purchased the ticket. It's very hot in New York right now, but manageable just drink lots…